what is jeevamrit jivamrit easy method and use of jeevamrit

what is jeevamrit jivamrit easy method and use of jeevamrit

jivamrit banane ki vidhi How to make Jivamrit easily, benefits, how to use it is explained here. Jeevamrut is a highly effective organic manure. Which is prepared by mixing many other substances in water along with cow dung. In organic farming, Jeevamrit is like nectar, it is used to increase production and increase the fertilizer capacity of the farm.

Land is a precious heritage given to man by nature. But at present, due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and manures in crops and land, it is gradually becoming barren and the yield of crops is also being adversely affected. Due to this the outbreak of diseases is also increasing because it is spoiling our health by being with our food. The result of which is now being seen recently in an epidemic like Corona. Due to which the immunity of human beings is decreasing and this is the reason why they are not able to control the diseases.

The main reason for dirty diseases like cancer is the consumption of chemical-rich grains. Meanwhile, Jeevamrit can prove to be a boon for the land and nature. We can get rid of this issue by using Jeevamrit because it is a liquid substance prepared from natural ingredients that can be used in both land and standing crops.

what is jeevamrit

Jeevamrut is a highly effective organic manure. Which is prepared by mixing many other substances in water along with cow dung. Which is helpful in the growth and development of plants and also increases the amount of carbon in the soil. It protects the crops from various microbes and increases the immunity of the plants due to which the plants remain healthy and the crop yields very well. Its results are also being seen for a long time.

Method of preparation of Jeevamrit. how to make jivamrit

To prepare Jeevamrut, 10 kg of fresh cow dung is taken because the number of bacteria is more in fresh cow dung and 10 liters of cow urine, and 1 kg of old rotten jaggery, if jaggery is not available then 4 liters of sugarcane juice can also be used. and use 1 kg flour of any type of pulse (mostly besan flour is used) and 1 kg soil from the farm which is fossil-rich and where no pesticide has ever been used and 4 gallons of 25 liters Water is required.

To prepare it, a plastic vessel (drum) of 200 to 250 liters capacity is taken. Always keep the drum in the shade. Prepare cow dung slurry and put it in the drum, after that cow urine and other substances are mixed in it and water in the drum is made up to 200 liters and then it is covered with a cloth from above so that bacteria can grow. Air can pass through easily. Then leave it to rot for at least 6 to 7 days. Then after that use it.

Use of Jeevamrit

  1. Farmer brothers can use Jeevamrit in their fields in many ways. The best way for this is to give in standing crop with irrigation.
  2. In flow method of irrigation, Jeevamrit can also be put directly in the beds along with irrigation water. Which gets mixed with water and gets to the plants.
  3. Apart from this, a good method is to use drop-drop irrigation method, in which Jeevamrit is filtered with a clean cloth and filled in a vessel and with the help of Venturi in irrigation, it is used in appropriate quantity in the crops.
  4. It can also be sprayed in standing crops. Jeevamrit can be used directly on the land while preparing the field. But the consumption of solution used in this way is high and crops are not able to use it properly.

Benefits of Jivamrit in soil and crop after using Jivamrit

  1. Jeevamrit is nectar for the land because when we use it, we put about 500 crore bacteria in 1 gram of Jeevamrit. All these bacteria are cooks, as soon as they use Jeevamrut, these bacteria prepare food substances (nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, zinc etc.) present in the soil and reach them to the roots of the plants. Which are helpful in increasing the yield.
  2. Continuous use of Jeevamrut increases soil beneficial micro-organisms like algae, earthworm, fungus, protozoa and bacteria etc. micro-organisms which help in providing essential nutrients to the plants.
  3. The fertility of the land remains and is helpful in increasing it. Its use also improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the land.
  4. Vegetables, fruits, grains grown using Jeevamrit are beautiful to look at and more delicious to eat.
  5. Germination capacity of seeds also increases.

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