Twitter Blue Tick is now available for Android. For $11 (approx. Rs. 900) per month

Twitter Blue Tick is now available for Android for $11 (Rs. 900 approx).

This service is limited to users in United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan

The blue subscription comes with features like a “verified” checkmark, tweet editing and longer 1080p video uploads.

Twitter Blue Tick is available for Android users for $11 (roughly Rs. 900) per month. After Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company, the subscription was redesigned and now includes Twitter’s blue verified badge. According to Musk, Twitter users who have a blue checkmark next to their username will have to pay for the feature. Also, new subscribers will get a tick mark next to their profile name.

Twitter Blue Tick Subscription: Features

The Blue Tick mark next to the profile name is added by a Twitter Blue subscription that also unlocks a number of helpful functions. First, it includes “undo” tweets that allow users to take back tweets that have already been sent. Users should note that it is not an edit button and only allows users to review a tweet immediately after sending it.

Additionally, users can submit videos up to 2GB in size (1080p) and longer than 60 minutes with a Blue membership. Moreover, it prioritizes your replies to tweets that you interact with.

Blue membership also offers a reader, personalized app icons, themes, top articles and bookmarks folders. Twitter claims that not all features are accessible on all platforms. Additionally, Twitter Blue Tick cannot be done on newly created Twitter accounts for 90 days.

witter Blue Tick Subscription: Price and Availability

While the annual subscription fee for Twitter Blue for web users is $84, the monthly fee is $8. For Android signups, Twitter is adding a $3 surcharge to cover Google’s commission. Users paying with iOS are also affected.

The US And in some other countries, you can subscribe to Twitter Blue for a low annual price. According to the latest sources, the price of Twitter Blue Tick Subscription for iOS users is Rs. 999, while the price for Android users is yet to be announced. We expect India’s plans to be announced in more detail soon.

While Twitter Blue Tick Subscription was initially made available for iOS and web users, it is not yet available in India. Only users from UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan can use this service. It will be launched in India soon.