Sharmila Tagore Bikini: Wearing a bikini proved to be a big mistake in the 60s, the actress herself accepted her mistake!

SharmilaTagore Bikini Photoshoo

Sharmila Tagore Bikini Controversy: Sharmila Tagore is considered to be the first actress who created a stir in Bollywood by doing a bikini photoshoot for the first time. This decision of the actress proved to be wrong in the 60s and she later had to repent for it.

SharmilaTagore Bikini Photoshoot: Sharmila Tagore is considered to be one of the boldest actresses of her era who not only showed her mettle on screen but also did something in real life which created a ruckus.

SharmilaTagore Bikini Photoshoo

In the era when wearing short dress of girls was not a waste of people, Sharmila Tagore got a photoshoot done in bikini, then there was a lot of noise. Seeing this look of Sharmila in the 60s, people got agitated. When people reacted to the photoshoot about which the actress was earlier confident, she considered it as her mistake and regretted a lot.

Photoshoot was done in black bikini
It was in the year 1966 when Sharmila Tagore decided to wear a bikini for a magazine cover. She was very confident in this look while her photographers were getting very nervous. Somehow this bold photoshoot got completed and Sharmila was seen wreaking havoc in a black bikini on the cover page of Filmfare magazine. Whoever saw him like this, people could not believe it.

It was not the era of social media, yet the news about the negative reaction of the people started coming. Although Sharmila Tagore was in London at that time, but there she was getting all the news here. After some time, he came to know that this decision of his has proved wrong. Sharmila had also become quite upset about this.

felt a mistake

Eventually, Sharmila Tagore understood that being a public figure, her move was not right. Because people may be attracted to glamor but do not like it. Sharmila had said in an interview- She wanted to get respect, I wanted everyone to like me, so I started changing my image. However, during this period, Sharmila’s husband and former cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi definitely supported her and assured her that she had done nothing wrong.