real heroes areThis is Hollywood superstar – Keanu Reeves

real heroes areThis is Hollywood superstar – “Keanu Reeves” who is the hero of Matrix series…His real father left him when he was 3 years old.

He grew up living with three different stepfathers for 19 years.In childhood, he was suffering from a disease called dyslexia.

He was a hockey player but after getting injured in a serious accident, his dream of national team of hockey was shattered.

One of his daughters died at birth and his wife died in a car accident.His childhood best friend River Phoenix died of a drug overdose and his real sister was diagnosed with leukemia.

There is no bodyguard with him because he does not want to disturb anyone, he does not have any luxury house.

He lives in a modest apartment and can often be seen traveling on the subway in New York.

When he was shooting the film Lake House, he saw his costume assistant telling someone crying that if he didn’t pay, his house would go out of hand, so Reeves quietly transferred $ 20,000 to his account.

In 1997, some reporters noticed that Reeves was taking a morning walk with a homeless person in Los Angeles early in the morning, and he kept listening to him for several hours, later it was found that the person’s son had kidney failure and Reeves has pledged to donate one of his kidneys to the man’s son.

In his career, he has donated the amount of about $ 75 million he earned from the Matrix series to charity. This person who wants to help others the most, does not see that he is very broken and scattered from inside.

This person who can buy everything, can arrange everything; But every morning after waking up, this man chooses the place to roam which people choose for suicide….he goes to that place!And there everyday one finds someone who is in trouble and wants to destroy life…! Keanu Reeves is living for them….!Salute to this hero!!!!