Maharaja Express Train is the world’s leading luxury tour train in India. The ticket price of which can be more than ₹.19 lakh Maharaja Express Train: is the world’s leading luxury tour train in India. Maharaja Express is a luxury railway experience. A ticket for a ride on this train can cost upwards of ₹.19 lakh.

Maharaja Express Train is a luxury tourist train owned and operated by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. It serves four routes across North-West and Central India, mainly focusing on Rajasthan between the months of October and April.

Most of us have traveled in Indian Railways. We all know the train journeys with the usual hustle and bustle, parents having food and snacks between journeys and many other memories. While this is common for many people, have you ever wondered what a luxury train experience is like in India? Well, if you find this interesting, let us introduce you to the Maharaja Express Train.

According to the official website of Maharaja Express, “Maharaja Express Train recreates that special experience for its guests. This is an opportunity to travel in a one-of-a-kind train serviced by friendly butlers while visiting some of India’s grandest tourist attractions. In all their glory, will fascinate anyone.”

One can choose from four routes to travel in the Maharaja Express Train for seven days.
The Indian Panorama
Treasures of India
The Indian Splendor
The Heritage Of India
These are the four journeys. If you want to take a look at what this train looks like from the inside, Instagram blogger @kushagratayal shared the view.

In the video, a butler is shown opening the suite room door of the Maharaja Express Train. The room is almost the size of a coach. It has two bedrooms, attached bathroom, dining area and more. According to the blogger, it costs more than ₹.19 lakh.

This video was shared about two weeks ago. Since uploading, it has been liked over 57,000 times and has many comments. Many netizens were not impressed with the price of this train ticket.