James Cameron’s amazing underwater world.

Avatar 2 Review

Avatar 2 Review James Cameron’s Avatar was released in 2009 and 13 years later its sequel Avatar The Way of Water is hitting the theatres. Cinema has changed a lot with technology in these 13 years and it can be gauged by looking at the second part of Avatar.

Way of Water brings some new shades to the world he created with Avatar on the fictional planet Pandora. These colors look so bright and real that you get lost in them or say that you drown. This world is wonderful and seeing it one wants to be present in it. Way Off Water is technologically advanced but also emotionally rich. However, in the form of Jake Sully, a father is seen to save the family, but not a hero.

It was shown in Avatar that technology is used to mold humans from Earth into the original inhabitants of Pandora, which was called the Avatar Project. The world of Avatar Way of Water is the same and the film begins from where Avatar ended. 13 years have passed since Avatar on Earth and life on Pandora has also moved forward a few years. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) has become the leader of the tribe where he found Neytiri (ZOE SALDANA). He has his own family. The four children are Neteum (Jamie Flatters), Lok (Britt Dalton), Tuk (Trinity Jo-Lee Bliss) and Keeri (Sigourney Weaver). There is also a human child, Spider (Jack Champion), whom Jake takes for his son.

However, their world is thrown into turmoil when the Celestials arrive on Pandora seeking revenge. This time the battle is even more difficult because the enemy also has several foot-tall avatars like the original inhabitants of the planet. The twist in the tale here is that in order to save the family, Jake Sully leaves the title of chieftain and goes to another clan, namely the Metkaina. The world of this clan resides in water. While the Na’vi people are known for flying in the air with the help of the giant birds Turuk, this tribe is used to living in the water. Jake’s family now has to learn how to live in this world. Following Jake, the enemy reaches there as well and then begins the battle to save the family and children.

James Cameron is known for his technical expertise. Through films like Titanic, Terminator, Aliens, he has presented his imagination with technology on screen. But, in Avatar 2, he has taken it a notch higher. The world of wild animals which was established on the land of Pandora in Avatar, this time the same world is seen under water. The imagination in creating aquatic creatures is astonishing. These creatures appear to be an extension of the water creatures found on the earth, but it is surprising to see their physical structure and characteristics. It is a different experience to see him come alive on screen. Like birds, the way these aquatic creatures communicate with their handlers is also shown differently.

However, the weakest aspect of a technically strong film is the story itself, which is confined to a single family. The way Jake Sully’s character grows up in Avatar and emerges as a hero, that character graph is not seen in Avatar Way of Water. The clan leader splits up to save his family. Here he seems to be running away from his responsibility towards the people of the clan. It seems that he will go to save the clan, but it does not happen. His priority remains limited to saving his family.

Towards the end, there is also a scene where it is shown that a fight is going on with the enemy. The people of the tribe also arrive, but they all suddenly disappear and Jake is left alone. It sounds awkward. The story of Avatar has been divided into several sequels. In such a situation, it is possible that this character will be seen changing again in the upcoming parts.

It was shown in the avatar that after becoming a navigator through technology, Jake Sully has to struggle a lot to ride flying birds. But, this time the enemy avatars shown are shown comfortable and capable of riding birds. These sequences seem hastily done. The underwater scenes get straight to the heart, but they are repetitive. The long duration of the film is also a downside. The 192-minute film could have been shortened.

This time many new characters are associated with the film. Kate Winslet in the role of Ronal, Cliff Curtis as Ronal’s husband, Eddie Falco in the role of General Frances are memorable. Avatar The Way of Water is visually very beautiful. The views of the sky, water look amazing. No hesitation in saying that technically the film is better than the first avatar. It is also true that the real fun of watching this world is in theaters only.

Cast: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis etc.

Director- James Cameron

Producer- James Cameron

Duration- 192 Minutes

star- ***