Install Solar Panels on Your Roof with Government Subsidy and Get Relief from Electricity Bill for 25 Years

Creator: William F. Hertha 
Copyright: 2015 William F. Hertha
Creator: William F. Hertha 
Copyright: 2015 William F. Hertha

SARKARI SCHEME: Install solar panels on the roof of the house with subsidy, get relief from electricity bill for 25 years

SARKARI SCHEME: The people of the country are looking very upset due to the ever-increasing heat, due to which an increase in the purchase of electric appliances has also been seen. But with these electric appliances, you get relief from the heat, but the problem comes when the electricity bill exceeds your budget. To solve this problem, the government has introduced a wonderful government scheme (SARKARI SCHEME). By taking advantage of this government scheme (SARKARI SCHEME), you can get rid of the problem of electricity bill. Actually, by installing solar panels on the roof of your house, you can get rid of power cuts and rising bills.

Let us tell you that the Uttar Pradesh government is giving subsidy to the customers to promote solar energy. This decision has been taken recently by the government. Under this, subsidy of up to 40 percent will be given on solar energy plants of 1 to 3 kW. At the same time, subsidy of up to 20 percent will be given in those from 3 kW to 10 kW.

How to apply for solar plant subsidy

If you want to install solar rooftop, you can apply by visiting the applicant. At least 10 square meters of space is required to install a 1 kW solar plant. As subsidy, one can get Rs 15,000 for 1 kW to Rs 30,000.

Know immediately how much will be the budget

On the other hand, according to Neeraj Bajpai, President of the Renewal Energy Development Association, if you take a solar plant of 1 kW capacity, it will cost around Rs 37,000, on which after getting a subsidy of 40 per cent, the total cost will be Rs 22,000 + GST. On the other hand, by installing this 1 KW solar plant, 1200 units of electricity will be produced in a year. Due to which you will save about 6600 rupees in a year.

Benefits of installing solar plant

After installing a solar plant, you will get many benefits, such as clean and green energy, zero maintenance for 5 years, reduction in electricity bill, freedom from electricity bill for 25 years, zero pollution in electricity production, etc.