IAS Interview Questions: What is the work that you can do only at night?

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IAS Interview Questions: Every year lakhs of people prepare for the UPSC exam, but only a few people succeed in this exam. Fewer candidates are able to clear the mains exam and appear in the interview. Many types of tricky questions are also asked from the candidates who reach the interview. Sometimes the answer to these questions is very easy, but many times even when simple questions are asked, people get confused and cannot answer. Because of which his interview is not cleared. If you are also preparing for UPSC, then today we have brought answers to some similar questions for you.

  1. Question: Which is the part of the human body that changes itself every two months?
    Answer: Brow.
  2. Question: Which is the creature that does not drink water even after living in it?
    Answer: Frog
  3. Question: What is the work that humans can do only at night?
    Answer: Dinner.
  4. Question: Which animal can never jump?
    Answer: Elephant, elephant is a very big heavy animal
  5. Question: What is that thing, which people do not want to eat but they have to eat it?
    Answer: cheat
  6. Question: What is such a thing that breaks as soon as its name is mentioned?
    Answer: Silence