gujarati news Real Valentine… Rajkot’s Savitri: Young man’s both kidneys fail, cousin dies while

What is Prem-Ishq-Mohabbat-Love? gujarati news -The only answer to such a question is that if fragrance can be described in words – touch can be put down on paper, then love can be defined. On this day, lovers will express their love by gifting each other with everything from rose flowers to diamond-platinum rings. According to Vaika, Satyavan is brought by his wife Savitri from Yamaraj. Then Savitri Avi Harshida of Rajkot has provided an excellent example of love on Valentine’s Day by donating a kidney to her husband.

Today on Valentine’s Day, Divya Bhaskar has brought one such case where a wife saved her husband from death. It happened that both the kidneys of the youth of Rajkot failed. Big brother showed readiness to donate a kidney but he died of corona. In the end, the wife gave a new life by donating her kidney. We are talking about Sandip Veljibhai Kakaniya and his wife Harshidaben Sandipbhai Kakaniya living in Paddhari village.

It was love at first sight at the fair
Today on the day of Valentine’s Day, a love story of such a loving couple has been presented. Twelve years ago, Sandipbhai, who lives in Ukarda village of Paddhari taluk, went for a walk with his friends in the fair of Ghanteshwar and when he met Harshida who was there, love at first sight was bound by the promise of seven births. After talking for a year, the couple got married with the consent of the family. With the idea that the love of both is true and the family is also good, the family gave their approval to the daughter’s love marriage and got them married on that day with the blessings of Umiya Mataji.

Sandipbhai got a kidney problem
12 years of married life passed happily. In his cradle came the stepsister and a son was born. The family seemed to be swaying in the merry-go-round of happiness, but nature did not allow this happiness. Two and a half years ago, Sandipbhai suddenly developed a kidney problem. On examination by the doctor, both the kidneys failed. Generally, a human being needs one kidney for life, but God has provided two kidneys to every person, if one kidney fails, then the other kidney can also be used to survive, but Sandipbhai’s both kidneys failed.

There are many types of problems in the body
Talking about how serious kidney disease is, kidney is the main part of our body which maintains the balance of water in our body. The job of the kidney is to remove toxins from the body and maintain the balance of acids and salts in the body. Kidneys purify the blood and remove waste from the body through urine. Kidney produces many hormones like angiotensin, aldosterone, prostaglandin. If this necessary organ in the body gets damaged, many types of problems occur in the body.

A symptom of kidney failure
Kidney failure also causes loss of appetite, swelling of the legs and dryness of the skin, weakness, fatigue, swelling under the eyes and frequent urination are symptoms of kidney failure. If the symptoms of kidney disease are recognized in time, The bad consequences of this disease can be avoided.

Parents unable to donate kidney
After the meeting with the doctor, Dr. Divyesh Viroja diagnosed that both kidneys of Sandeep Bhai had failed and the mountain of grief fell on the family and especially Harshida. Couldn’t. According to the doctor’s advice that if Sandeepbhai gets a kidney, his life can be saved, after conducting a medical examination of both Sandeepbhai’s mother and father, it was found that his mother has gout and his father has heart disease, so they cannot donate a kidney.

Elder brother ready to donate kidney passes away
Sandipbhai’s elder brother was ready to donate a kidney, his kidney was also matched, but as the statement of the ceremony may have written something different, his elder brother also died of corona and his kidney could not be found. This period was very stressful for the couple as they had to leave their young son at home and go to Morbi for dialysis every day except for one day a week and then cope with the post-dialysis complications with a smile.

He did not separate his son from himself
Talking about his treatment, Sandeep Bhai said that we are both living in the background. It was a time when his son was living alone while going up and down alone and going home after dialysis. Instead of helping, the relative suggested that the son should be sent to the hostel but we did not separate the son from him during the struggle. We go for regular dialysis and when we return at night after dialysis, food is prepared and our son eats with us.

No one should really suffer like this
In a conversation with Divyabhaskar, Sandeepbhai said that nature should not give such trouble to anyone. This was the time when my relatives were fully aware of my situation but no one was there to help me my body was not supporting me and there was no expectation from my relatives son alone at home wife harassing me behind me really no one should experience this kind of pain. Sometimes a person can recover from illness if only someone’s warmth can help but in my case there was no encouragement.

The family again drowned in the ocean of grief
In the hard times of Corona, Sandeep Bhai’s elder brother got Corona and due to this his elder brother passed away where a kid

When there was talk of meeting a relative, the family again drowned in grief, Harshidaben told Makkamam to donate his kidney to the family. And Sandeepbhai gave a new life by donating a kidney. As the meaning of love is changing in today’s world, Harshidaben’s sacrifice has become an example for loving couples.

From Valentine to Varmala
It is worth mentioning that in the period from Valentine’s Day to Varmala, couples in love give countless red roses, chocolates and expensive gifts and promise to bring the moon to the stars, it is not necessary that you bring the moon but even if you stand by the side, love wins. A couple living in Rajkot has won a similar love. After a love marriage twelve years ago, when the test of life arose for this couple, the wife gave her kidney to her husband and proved a new definition of love.