Google released MusicLM – an AI-based music generator that converts text into audio segments.

google ai music generator

google ai music generator: A group of Google researchers released MusicLM – an AI-based music generator that can convert text prompts into audio segments.

As the music industry is still adjusting to the disruptions caused by the internet and streaming services, there is a lot of interest in how AI can change the way we create and experience music.

Automatic music creation

A number of AI tools now allow users to automatically generate musical sequences or audio segments. Many are free and open source, such as Google’s Magenta Toolkit.

The two most familiar approaches to AI music generation are:

  1. Continuation, where AI continues a sequence of notes or waveform data and
  2. Harmony or accompaniment, where the AI generates something to complement the input, such as chords to go. with a melody.

Like text- and image-generating AI, music AI systems can be trained on a number of different data sets. For example, you can amplify a melody by Chopin using a system trained in the style of Bon Jovi – as beautifully demonstrated in OpenAI’s Musenet.

Such tools can be great inspiration for artists with “blank page syndrome,” even if the artist himself gives the final push. Creative stimulation is one of the most urgent applications of creative AI tools today.

But where these tools may one day be more useful is in expanding musical skills. Many people can write a tune, but fewer know how to skillfully manipulate chords to evoke emotion, or how to write music in a range of styles.

Although music AI tools have a way to reliably perform the work of talented musicians, few companies are developing AI platforms for music generation.

Boomi takes a minimalist approach: users with no musical experience can create a song with a few clicks and then rearrange it. Aiva has a similar approach, but allows for finer control; Artists can edit generated music note-by-note in a custom editor.

However, there is a catch. Machine learning techniques are notoriously difficult to master, and generating music using AI is a bit of a lucky dip for now; You may occasionally strike gold while using these tools, but you may not know why.