krishna bhajan book in hindi

Krishna bhajan book in hindi हे यशोदा नंदन, गोपाला हे दामोदर, मुरलीधरा तेरे नाम से मिले जो सुख, सब नाश हुआ तेरी लीला से जग मग ज्योति जाग हुआ तेरे चरणों में जीवन, मेरी रूह तेरी हो तेरे भक्ति से मोक्ष, मेरी आस है तेरी हो तुम समस्त लोक के स्वामी, हम तेरे दास हैं … Read more

Google released MusicLM – an AI-based music generator that converts text into audio segments.

google ai music generator: A group of Google researchers released MusicLM – an AI-based music generator that can convert text prompts into audio segments. As the music industry is still adjusting to the disruptions caused by the internet and streaming services, there is a lot of interest in how AI can change the way we … Read more

Shark Tank India season 2: All set to entertain everyone, the promos are doing the rounds on social media. Shark Tank India season 2: Pitchers make ‘big mistake’, prompting outrage from Aman Gupta, Anupam Mittal and Vinita Singh. This promo is making the internet buzz. The second season of India’s most successful and first business reality show Shark Tank India season 2 is ready to entertain everyone. The show is scheduled to premiere … Read more

Pathaan: Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’ gets U/A certificate after ten scenes were cut, debate on saffron bikini will end! Controversy is going on everywhere regarding Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s film ‘Pathan’: Meanwhile, there was talk of deleting some scenes of ‘Pathan’ and finally 10 scenes were cut from the film. Now the film has been given U/A certificate. Ever since the announcement of Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s film ‘Pathan’, all … Read more

Ranveer Singh’s movie Cirkus ended its first week with a nett of just ₹30.25 crore at the box office. Cirkus box office collection: Ranveer Singh’s film had a disappointing first week, earning only ₹30.25 crore. Ranveer Singh’s latest release, Cirkus, ended its first week with a nett of just ₹30.25 crore at the box office. The Rohit Shetty film, which released over the Christmas weekend, earned ₹6.50 crore on its opening day. It … Read more

Sunny Leone Hot Look: This beautiful lady was shining like a star… then she became a gold ‘baby doll’ and struck lightning!

Sunny Leone Bold Pic: Sunny Leone is counted among Bollywood’s bold actresses who blow the senses of good people with her style. Sometimes by becoming a baby doll, the heart beats and sometimes by the desi look, this beauty makes you sweat. Sunny Leone Latest Photoshoot: Sunny Leone’s hotness is always discussed. Even though this … Read more

Sharmila Tagore Bikini: Wearing a bikini proved to be a big mistake in the 60s, the actress herself accepted her mistake!

Sharmila Tagore Bikini Controversy: Sharmila Tagore is considered to be the first actress who created a stir in Bollywood by doing a bikini photoshoot for the first time. This decision of the actress proved to be wrong in the 60s and she later had to repent for it. SharmilaTagore Bikini Photoshoot: Sharmila Tagore is considered … Read more

TV Actresses: She is enjoying life openly, after divorce she did not become anyone’s wife again!

TV Actress not married after Divorced: Many TV actresses who fell in love and then got married but that relationship could not last long. So there should be divorce and till now these beauties have not remarried after divorce. TV Actress not married Again: Many times relationships are made but it becomes difficult to maintain … Read more