Brazilian dies after rocket gets stuck in clothes during New Year’s Eve

Incident happened when family celebrated entry in 2023.

A 38-year-old woman died after a rocket got stuck in the street and exploded during New Year’s Eve in Praia Grande, on the coast of São Paulo, Brazil.

According to the G1 website, which cites the testimony of a cousin of the victim to the police, Elisângela Tinem, mother of two, was on the sandy beach, during the fireworks, when one of the artifacts got stuck in the your clothes. Before they could do anything, the explosion occurred.

Relief teams still went to the place, where the death ended up being confirmed.

To G1, a person who was at the scene said that there were many irregular rockets in the sand and, therefore, decided to move away, together with the family, to the boardwalk.

“When it was midnight sharp, I hugged my mother and saw a very strong flash. Soon after, everyone started screaming. When I went to look, I saw a woman lying on the ground bleeding, and the boy who was with her down too. At that he got up, but when he realized how she was, he knelt down already ‘without the ground’. It was a rush”, he said.

The victim’s family said that the rocket that caused the incident did not belong to them, and the authorities are investigating its origin.