Bárbara Norton de Matos on the quarrel with her boyfriend. “I’m still sulking

Bárbara Norton de Matos worried friends and fans by assuming live last Friday, during the ‘Goucha’ program, that she was “pouting” with her current boyfriend-José Maria de Abecasis Soares

Responding to the many questions from those who were concerned about the state of the relationship, the actress recorded a video where she clarified:

“Regarding the much talked about sulk with José Maria, I’m still a little sulky… But it’s part of relationships. Sometimes we’re good, other times we’re bad and, as I said, love at 40 is much more complicated than at 20 or 30,” he explained.

Bárbara believes that after the age of 40 people have “a whole baggage and a whole logistics of children and fears” that makes it difficult to deliver “with the same naivety as when you are younger, and that requires some work and some difficulty”.

Still on the subject of relationships, the actress confessed that she regretted having said in conversation with Manuel Luís Goucha that men are afraid of her. After all, she confesses, she is the one who is scared of men, namely the fact that they don’t have “the way to deal with today’s modern and independent woman”.

“This in general, calm down, I’m not talking about Zé”, she made a point of clarifying.

Even though her life has been marked so far by short-lived and intense relationships, Bárbara is fulfilled. “I think I prefer to live shorter, more intense and sincere relationships, 100% with passion, than to have lasting relationships that are dry. I hate lukewarm things, I hate dry relationships, I hate relationships of appearance, dependents”, he added.